Thank you for everything!!

I can't sing the praises of Nightingale, and everyone who works there enough!! So happy that I chose this particular company!

Christine E. - RN

Travel nursing has been a new adventure and chapter in my life as a career nurse.

My recruiter, Jeff, stepped up to the plate and helped me out with a great assignment! I am very grateful for all of Jeff’s support, and his listening skills are very intuitive. Thank you again for all your support and genuine concern for me and the advancement of my career as a travel nurse.

Cheryl K. – RN

I'd like to say a few things about having worked with Nightingale Nurses for about a year now.

I have been a travel nurse for over 12 years in NYS as well as California. I have done over 25 assignments and have worked with at least 8-10 companies. My best experience by far has been with Nightingale Nurses. That is largely due to being taken care of so amazingly by Sarah. She has always been on the other end of the phone to help, solve, coach and even console me during some personal challenges. She never over-promises, always works so diligently to get the assignments wanted as well as makes the path to those assignments so much easier by assisting in all things to make it happen! She is fabulous and I couldn't be happier with a travel nurse company or a representative!

Andrea C. – RN

Great travel agency! Very helpful and a great experience.

I would recommend this agency to all nurses looking for some travel RN assignments.

Mariam S. – RN

My recruiter Saul has always been there for me. He is professional, thoughtful, funny and extremely helpful.

He's the reason I've continued to accept assignments. I have recommended Saul and Nightingale to coworkers that are contemplating travel nursing and will continue to do so. Thank you!

Sandra M. – RN

Melissa, my recruiter, is amazing. She is always there when I need her.

She always has a job lined up for me, and I never have the worry of finding my next job. Melissa is very personal and easy to deal with.

Erin D. – RN

This is my first travel nurse assignment, and the staff has been really great pulling it all together.

Jay, my credentials manager, went above and beyond to get me done in time, even with the Thanksgiving holiday in the way. Just an all-around super awesome person to work with! So thankful!!

Trish L. – RN

Great company to work for! Excellent communication and support!

Robert is an awesome recruiter, he's always available to answer my questions and keeps me update on the newest and best assignments. Great pay and flawless payroll system. Seamless assignments at top notched facilities!!

Ann M. – RN

My recruiter(s) have ALL been AMAZING!

Always looking out for me, as a Nurse, and finding the jobs that are best suited for me as a professional and a mom. I love that they make me feel important and valuable to the company even though I am thousands of miles away. Words cannot express how wonderful these individuals are! Leeza, Buddy, and Noel, you guys, are AWESOME... Thank you here's to MANY more years together!

Milissa T. – RN

legends wanted

As a qualified Registered Nurse, you are in demand. So demand more. Become part of the best team in Travel Nursing.

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I’m just gonna come right out and say it: There is NOTHING like the Travel Nursing lifestyle.

Not only do you get to travel and see new places, but you earn more doing it. A lot more. Put it this way. You earn enough that you don’t have to work all year round. And since traveling is what I’d do on vacation anyway... It’s perfect for me.

I know it sounds funny, but I didn’t go into Travel Nursing to travel. I just wanted to build my career.

Now here I am getting experience at hospitals all over the country. I’ve even picked up a specialty in Stepdown nursing. So I’m totally going to be ready if I ever decide to settle down into a full time nursing job somewhere. If. Big if. Because I really love the Travel Nursing lifestyle.

I would NEVER Travel with anyone but Nightingale.

Never again. The kind of support you get from Nightingale staff, you just won’t find that anywhere else. They REALLY are there to help you be the best nurse you can be. And who doesn’t want to be the best? Plus you get the best benefits and pay rates in the industry. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

For me, nursing isn’t just a career. It’s a calling.

Being there for people, helping them when they need it the most. This is why I got into nursing. This is why I get up every morning. And Nightingale gets that. I was amazed to find out that they are just as passionate about nursing as I am. That’s important, because I know that whenever I take an assignment, they have my back. Whatever I need. Nightingale takes care of everything, so I can focus on what I do best. And that’s nursing.

If you’re thinking about Travel Nursing and shopping around, just stop. You’re in the right place.

Nightingale is hands down the best. The best nurses, the best jobs, the best support, the best benefits… everything. And the best part is that you get to travel around the country, build up your career, and earn more than you ever would working on staff somewhere. Really, traveling with Nightingale changed my life, Not Travel Nursing. Nightingale. Trust me, they are top notch.

A lot of nurses ask me about Travel Nursing, and I love it. I absolutely love it.

But it’s not the pay, or the benefits, awesome as they are. It’s not the travel, either. Half the time I don’t even know where I want to go. It’s the people. Nightingale’s Nursing Coordinators are JUST THE BEST. They help with everything, from travel plans and housing to professional questions. Everything. They even help me choose the right assignments for me. Because they genuinely care about me. I know. I’m a nurse. I know what genuine caring feels like. I do it all day. That’s why I love Nightingale.