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Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs with the HIGHEST pay in the HOTTEST Destinations

Travel Nursing Jobs Nationwide for an RN Like You

Since 2002, Nightingale's experienced travel nurse recruitment specialists have helped to find thousands of travel nurses jobs in the destinations they want. Whether you would like to enjoy the skiing in Denver, the night life in Miami, or the natural beauty in Tucson, we have a travel nursing job that is perfect for you!

Safe private housing on your travel nurse assignment

We offer all of our travel nurses the best in private housing, which will be furnished and paid for by Nightingale. We maintain relationships with the top properties to ensure satisfaction. You can expect to live comfortably in your own safe residence near the hospital or healthcare facility where you work.

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Latest Travel Nursing Positions

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Travel Nurse Jobs 1 - 25 of 5745
Job DescriptionSpecialtyLocationPosted
Med/Surg RN in Eureka 26 weeks night shiftMedical-SurgicalEureka, CA
10/27/16 05:29 PM
PCU RN in Brattleboro 13 weeks day and night shiftProgressive Care UnitBrattleboro, VT
10/27/16 05:26 PM
Cath Lab RN in Springfield 14 weeks day shiftCath LabSpringfield, OR
10/27/16 05:26 PM
ER RN in Hyannis 14 weeks night shiftEmergency RoomHyannis, MA
10/27/16 05:16 PM
ICU RN in Brockton 13 weeks day and night shiftIntensive Care UnitBrockton, MA
10/27/16 05:10 PM
Telemetry RN in Brockton 17 weeks night shiftTelemetryBrockton, MA
10/27/16 05:09 PM
NICU RN in Greenbrae 13 weeks day shiftNeonatal Intensive Care UnitGreenbrae, CA
10/27/16 05:09 PM
OR RN in Brockton 13 weeks night shiftOperating RoomBrockton, MA
10/27/16 05:09 PM
Oncology RN in Santa Rosa 13 weeks night shiftOncologySanta Rosa, CA
10/27/16 05:04 PM
ER RN in Suffern 13 weeks night shiftEmergency RoomSuffern, NY
10/27/16 05:03 PM
ICU Float RN in Washington 13 weeks day shiftICU FloatWashington, DC
10/27/16 04:59 PM
Dialysis RN in Suffern 13 weeks night shiftDialysisSuffern, NY
10/27/16 04:53 PM
ER RN in Boston 14 weeks night shiftEmergency RoomBoston, MA
10/27/16 04:51 PM
Med/Surg RN in Santa Barbara 13 weeks day shiftMedical-SurgicalSanta Barbara, CA
10/27/16 04:50 PM
OR RN in Clyde 13 weeks day shiftOperating RoomClyde, NC
10/27/16 04:45 PM
ER RN in Minneapolis 13 weeks day and night shiftEmergency RoomMinneapolis, MN
10/27/16 04:42 PM
Med/Surg RN in Fortuna 13 weeks night shiftMedical-SurgicalFortuna, CA
10/27/16 04:41 PM
ICU RN in Anderson 13 weeks night shiftIntensive Care UnitAnderson, IN
10/27/16 04:40 PM
OR RN in Helena 13 weeks day and night shiftOperating RoomHelena, MT
10/27/16 04:40 PM
ER RN in Libertyville 13 weeks day shiftEmergency RoomLibertyville, IL
10/27/16 04:37 PM
ICU Float RN in Buffalo 14 weeks day shiftICU FloatBuffalo, NY
10/27/16 04:35 PM
ER RN in Townshend 13 weeks day shiftEmergency RoomTownshend, VT
10/27/16 04:32 PM
CST in Oxford 26 weeks day shiftCertified Surgical TechnicianOxford, OH
10/27/16 04:26 PM
MS/Tele RN in Grapevine 13 weeks night shiftMS TeleGrapevine, TX
10/27/16 04:23 PM
MICU RN in Greenville 13 weeks day shiftMedical Intensive Care UnitGreenville, NC
10/27/16 04:21 PM

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There has never been a better time to work as a travel nurse. Top hospitals and medical facilities are always looking for qualified Registered Nurses to fill numerous RN travel positions. We make it easy for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your new surroundings!

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We offer customized compensation packages along with excellent benefits. To see for yourself why more nurses like you choose Nightingale to help them find amazing nurse travel assignments, simply fill out an application today!

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